Dr Pasricha Memorial Eye & Dental Hospital, Karnal


Dr. J.K. Pasricha
Dr. Pasricha Memorial Eye and Dental Hospital, Karnal (Haryana) started by Sanjay kumar, Dr Brijesh Sharma  & Kaumudi Arora, the student of Dr J.K. Pasricha (past president of AIOS) is a self contained modern opthalmic & Dental hospital, conveniently located in the heart of city, karnal (Haryana). It is dedictaed to providing quality opthalmic & dental care services. With its charitable wing it is also providing charitable opthalmic & dental services to economically weaker sections of the society.

This hospital is equipped with the latest technology and machinery such as TOPCON-OMS 90, imported microscope for latest eye surgeries, Phaco machine of renowned company Bausch & Lomb USA, Grand Seiko (computer) auto refractometer, high quality slit lamp, Ultrasound A-scan, Gonioscope, 90 D Yag Laser, Indirect opthalmoscope for glaucoma and retina examination etc. The Dental unit has latest facilities such as Root Canal Treatments, Cosmetic and Silver fillings, Scaling and Denture Fitting Techniques.

Dr. Kaumudi Arora & Dr. Sanjay Kumar

Our Excellence in Health Care

We are trying to serve scientific knowledge with religious spirit. Our eye wing has Dr Snjay Kumar, Eye Surgeon and Mr. Brijesh Kumar DOT. Dr. Sanjay has had the great opportunity to learn advanced eye surgeries viz - Phaco, Eye Traumas, Keratoplasty etc. under the guidance of his teacher, Dr. J.K. Pasricha. He used to head the hospital, when Dr. Pasricha used to visit abroad.

Similarly the Dental Unit has latest facilities as Root Canal Treatments, Cosmetic and Silver fillings, Scaling and Denture fitting techniques etc.

Eye Camp


Head of EYE & DENTAL Departments

Dr. Sanjay Kumar
M.S. (Ay.) Eye Surgeon
Phaco & Oculoplasty Surgeon
Dr. Kaumudi Arora
B.D.S. (Dental Surgeon)